5 Figure Day Unleashed – Is it a scam?

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Thanks for checking out my blog, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a comprehensive review of 5 Figure Day Unleashed system, which is written by none other than the well-known online marketer Bryan Winters.

First and foremost, I just want to clarify I will be giving you an unrestricted unbiased and honest review of the 5 Figure Day Unleashed system.  What your about to read are the ESSENTIAL details you need to know before joining yourself.


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So what exactly is 5 Figure Day Unleashed?

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Basically it a system that generates a free leads list while at the same time allowing people on that list to generate their own free leads list. I know that might sound confusing right now but it’s a genius and effective way of email list building and it will become clearer as you read on.

This product works simply because of the excellent benefit of giving out totally free sites in which other people can easily use to crank out leads. The sites as well as capture webpages are extremely converting and configurable with any kind of auto-responder. It’s also possible to not utilize an auto-responder and simply download the leads when you want.

The 5FD system is coded in such a manner that whenever you refer other individuals by giving out the totally free site, that those individuals can crank out leads for their use and in addition you automatically. Why build up an e-mail list on your own when you’re able to have other people helping you?


Is 5 Figure Day Unleashed for Me?

If you are looking for a free and very effective way to get leads to promote your affiliate products or even your own product, if you want to further boost your online marketing efforts, or if you’re completely new to online marketing and want an easy way to get a following of subscribers that is crucial to being successful at any kind of online marketing, than this is defiantly for you.


What Kind of Memberships are Offered?

There are really only two kinds of memberships offered:

  • The Free Membership
  • The Paid Membership

 The Free Membership –  allows you to truly build a free leads list that can greatly improve any online marketing strategies. You are given a free high converting opt-in website page that really does help you amass your own large and profitable email list MUCH faster than ordinary methods. You’re also given a new opt-in page every single month, so you continue to grow your list.

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The Paid Membership is broken up into two levels:

  • The Unleashed Member – 27$ a Month
  • The Elite Unleashed Member – 97$ a Month


The Unleashed Member – Now, this is actually where the magic happens. Once your leads offer their own totally free 5 Figure Day site in order to develop their list, their leads will have to opt-in two times to be able to get their totally free site. Which means that their particular lead will be put into two subscriber listings – The free member, that was offering 5 Figure Day and on your own. You can imagine this as network marketing and advertising for list developing.

Consequently, now whenever your members advertise their own site by giving other people a totally free site, additionally, you will be developing your own list. Here is the fantastic thing about this dual opt-in system and the magic formula driving 5 Figure Day’s “Auto Pilot List Building”. So, picture that you were able to give out one hundred totally free sites. This means that so long as these members can get a single opt-in using their particular site, you’ll have an immediate one hundred subscribers put into your own list. You can now begin offering anything you like!


The Elite Unleashed Member – You get everything mentioned above as well as everything mentioned below with on key difference. All of the products used on all of the free opt-in pages, free members areas, paid opt-in pages and paid members areas will be embedded with your affiliate ID. Meaning that not only will build your list, but you will get 50% of anything sold in the process.

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What’s in the Members Area?

UNL Members

Here you will find everything you could possibly need to get started promoting you free site to others and start generating your list. Also everything is broken up into easy to understand segments starting with:


Main 5FD Course

Here you will find easy to follow yet powerful videos such as:

  • Video 1 – $50,000 per Year in 7 Days!
  • Video 2 – A Must Watch For All Members
  • Video 3 – Amazing 5FD Case Study
  • Video 4 – Autopilot List Management
  • Video 5 – Chuck quickly got 800+ leads, 57 orders and counting
  • Video 6 – 5Figure Day Ultimate Proof
  • and about many more…


5FD Leads

This is where you can track all your leads and commissions, test all your sites and opt-in pages as well as access and download your email list.


5FD Website

Here you will get the link to your site, you can setup an auto-responder, and adjust setting such as landing page of your site.


5FD REload 2


Each and every month you are given a completely new site to promote if you choose to do so. The site will keep being added every month 1.0 –  2.0 – 3.0 – and so on, but its up to you whether or not to use them. Just like your first site  you will get the link to your site, you can setup an auto-responder, and adjust setting such as landing page of your site.


5FD Elite


If you became a Elite member you are give the ability to complete customize your site as well as given much more resources to promote your site.


5FD Boot Camp


This the last but most extensive part of the course where you learn every method of getting traffic. From free methods such as ad swaps to paid ads like solo ads. Everything you can think of is covered here with plenty of sample email swipes, banner ads, social ads and anything else you can think of.


What are the Pros?

  • There’s a Free Version
  • You Have Two Paid Versions to Choose From
  • Both Paid Versions Have a 1$ 30-Day Trial
  • You don’t Need Any Experience
  • You Can Build a Free Leads List
  • Other People Help to Build Your List
  • You are Shown both Free and Paid Ways of Getting Traffic


What are the Cons?

  • Not Everyone Can Afford the Paid Versions
  • Some Information Given could be Easily Found


Overall – What do I think?

The education is very easily worth much more than the price it cost becoming a member of 5 Figure Day. Having said that, rather than billing all of us members to learn ways to get traffic. It’s totally free to everyone that joins. This effectively blows up your auto-pilot leads due to the fact every person now understands exactly how and where to advertise their sites.

This is an excellent system that generates its own subscribers along with produces tiers that generate income for you. There’s little effort necessary once you’re setup and running. It can very easily generate loads of income for any type of online business, nevertheless as is with just about all marketing courses, it’s not always appropriate for everybody. With its 60 day money-back guarantee and minimal price to try it out, it’s an excellent choice to get started with.

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Click Here for the Free Site

Free Leads List – With 4 Simple Strategies

To experience success with either online marketing or affiliate marketing profits you’ll definitely need a leads opt-in list. A lead list is a vital foundation regarding sales and profits of any form. An e-mail leads list is described as a listing of potential customers who have willingly supplied you their own names along with e-mails and you are therefore able to promote too.

Each and every prospering internet marketer carries a great listing like this regardless of how these individuals describe they achieved their earnings. Usually newer people are confused about how to begin developing a list. Below are a few ways for you to generate an excellent marketing opt-in list.


Get an Auto-Responder Account

This is often something a lot of people put off due to the fact it is a month-to-month cost however as it is said, “It takes money to make money.” An effective auto-responder automates recording and e-mailing the actual customers a piece of cake. You just select the opt-in box layout for the particular web-site and place this code on the web page.

Any time fresh members subscribe, you will be notified along with automated e-mails that you’ve made will be mailed out. The one thing you have to do is create the particular email messages and set up the particular e-mail schedule. What could be easier? There are a couple auto-responders covered in 5 Figure Day Unleashed as well.


Develop a Squeeze Page

This is certainly an additional crucial component to developing a leads listing. You should design and style a nice and clean, simple and minimalist web page which is intended to get individuals to join your Multi level marketing (MLM) leads listing. To accomplish this you must have a persuasive sales message. You have got to provide a remedy to a real issue that they possess. And also you help them to deal with it once they opt-in.


Make Your Opt-in Box Visible

You do not want visitors to have to hunt for your opt-in box. You need it very visible. Normally, this is at the very top right-hand side of your web-site above the fold. If you’re able to place it at the end of the website also that will help. Never disguise it amongst loads of fancy advertisements. Actually, avoid using fancy advertisements at all. They simply frustrate consumers.


Give Them a Something Free

Do you know anybody that doesn’t like getting something at no cost? When you give them something free of charge you provide them good reason to opt-in to your e-mail leads listing. You could promote a cost-free report, a training video with strategies or even a good e-book. However, you need to make it something worthwhile. Never give trash away and expect to have your customers purchase from you.


The Easy Way of List Building

Getting Leads does take a lot of work or at least it used to. 5 Figure Day Unleashed is one of the best ways of building an email list that I have found and has completely changed my online business. It also has everything mentioned above covered, but I wanted people to be aware of some of the things you would have to consider without 5 Figure Day Unleashed. More on this in my next post.

How to Generate a Free Leads List?

E-mail marketing is definitely a vital aspect of online marketing. Without, it’s impossible to generate targeted leads which will transfer directly into sales. Additionally there is no chance of holding onto existing customers and clients. Simply because providing the occasional e-mails to potential customers help in keeping their curiosity about a product or service.

An e-mail marketing strategy calls for particular resources as well as meticulous planning for them to be profitable. It doesn’t need to be as complex as brain surgery. Listed below are the proven aspects of an effective lead generation along with conversions.

Content is Key

First off would be the demand for content. Just about any marketing strategy is hopeless without having related and engaging content. It can be anything at all — a news-letter, a sales page or even a how to tutorial. The main element is, the content material has the capacity to produce, not only hype, but in addition a desire from the viewer. Give them a deal they are unable to turn down. 5 Figure Day supply’s the content for you.

Email Marketing Software

There are several e-mail marketing software programs readily available and selecting one is actually not so difficult. It’s all a question of logistics. The questions: What kind of content material is going to be discussed? – How will the e-mail marketing campaign be presented? – Would it be a month-to-month e-newsletter or even an e-course? – will it aid in working out the attributes expected from the email list program.

Material delivery is equally as significant as the content itself. For this reason it is crucial that the particular email list program is dependable. Down periods needs to be next to none. Content is going to be thrown away in the event it didn’t arrive at its desired destination, as well as in a prompt manner.

Maximizing Free Leads Lists

Generating an email list isn’t always effortless, however it is definitely doable. In this particular time of social media, making a Facebook fan page for any brand name is just a couple of clicks away. Now there are social network sites where a large number of possible leads are ready to be drawn on.

Cost-free e-mail lists are not really difficult to find nowadays. Those days are gone when people need to pay for valuable leads. Thank the online gods for delivering forth to existence of social networking sites.An effective e-mail marketing strategy is not just capable of generating leads, it has to likewise be able to convert those leads into revenue. In addition to that, effectiveness is likewise an essential aspect.

The entire process of generating an e-mail marketing strategy begins with a very clear objective equipped with engaging content in which is presented in a well-timed and hassle-free way. Most importantly, it’s not necessarily about accumulating an extensive list of e-mail addresses. It’s about acquiring targeted leads — those people behind the e-mail addresses that might best profit through a service or product – the targeted offer.

Bryan Winters created a way to exponentially get leads for free. He supply’s the content that you will promote and other people generate your leads list. I’ll cover more in upcoming posts but basically you give people a free way to get leads and by doing so you get the leads too.